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Elementary School Television (ESTV)
Education through television produced for, by, and with students.

Television as an educational tool is not a new idea but it is one that is being brought to the forefront at Saint Joseph’s International Institute Elementary School.  Launched in 2016, ESTV (Elementary School Television), has had a core group of motivated students producing news episodes celebrating the school’s art shows, sports days and fundraising projects.  This year, other exciting ideas are in development; a game show, a 1950’s inspired education programme promoting virtues, a magazine-style show reviewing popular culture, and a situation comedy/ science fiction series.  The students at SJIIES are not only learning how television can be a powerful and effective learning tool, but it is becoming an important outlet for them to develop their creativity.

Antony Grigson and Carl Rayner, co-founders of ESTV, have been impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the students involved, and the positive reception ESTV has received from the school community.  Antony believes this is going to be just the start of something ‘bigger’ in the school as interest increases.  “It is an opportunity for so many of our students to showcase their talents, both in front of and behind the cameras.  And, it is quite possibly their first steps towards pursuing careers in the multi-media business”.

Carl adds, “We were extremely fortunate to have the support of our Elementary Parent Support Group.  Their generous donation allowed us to purchase a range of professional equipment.  This equipment allows the students to have access to a range of new tools to help document their lives at SJII. Just like you can use a pen to write about someone’s story, we can now tell that same story with a range of professional film and television gear.”

The objective of ESTV is for viewers to be educated and entertained on a wide range of topics.  With a committed and enthusiastic young crew established, it looks certain that the ambitions of ESTV will be achieved.


There’s always something happening in the world of ESTV, so we’d like to keep you up to date with what we’ve got cooking. Stay tuned for the news!


With more shows and episodes being added as often we’re able, keep checking back for all our great content, new and old.


With more shows and episodes being added as often we’re able, keep checking back for all our great content, new and old.


Not only does ESTV has its own shows to produce and record, but we also find the time to help out with other projects around the school when and where we can.



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With the use of impressive professional equipment and the enthusiasm of our crew, ESTV will be presenting multimedia experiences focused on the amazing events constantly happening in our school.

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